18 October 2017

Go away old Gadgets

The government in my state has this policy that those High School students who pass out with a score of 60% or higher are to be awarded with a Personal Computer each. In 2009, my elder sister managed to bring home one of those computers. It was a bulky Wipro machine with a CRT monitor and loaded with the lowest specifications available at that time but it was the first computer at our home and therefore went on to become my new favourite electronic device. Over the years, I maxed out it’s internals but it still lagged far behind newer technologies. I loved that machine and because my sister had some emotional connection with it, selling it off was out of consideration. But by the year 2015, it became a dud, space-eating, decorative piece of award that only guests could gawk at. Both I and my sister upgraded to new laptop computers. It was finally time to let it go.

I began my search for customers by putting the machine up for sale on a few classified websites. I quoted it for a very low price of just Four Thousand rupees. But a week passed and nobody showed any interest. I decided to put it up for sale in Facebook then.

54 people liked the post and only 4 of them inboxed me asking for details. Turned out all four of them were only curious humans and not somebody in actual need of a computer. I wasn’t able to find any customers for my machine and had no option but to keep it. It blocked so much space in my room that I even considered disposing it off to a scrap yard. But that same week, a cousin of mine visited my home and just upon arriving enquired about me selling off the computer. He was thirteen years old then. Here’s how our conversation proceeded:

Cousin: It hurt my feelings that you are selling the computer.
Me: Why is that so?
Cousin: Where will I play GTA vice city now? What I will do when I visit you?
Me: Uh! You can play games on my laptop too brother.
Cousin: No, you don’t even let me play games on your laptop. You said it will burst if it gets too hot.

That was true. My laptop couldn’t game. It gets too hot if a game was launched in it. I had lied about it bursting off to flames to my little cousin to keep him away from it. Whenever he was in our home, he would sit down in front of the old computer and play his favourite game on it. Upon thinking about it, I realised that he was the sole user of my old machine and the only person who might find it useful. I decided it was better to pass it down to him than dumping it off in the scrap yard. I called up his parents and enquired if it was okay with them about their son getting a computer. They were okay with it provided I could convince their son not to stick to the computer all day long. I made my cousin promise that he would balance his studies, outdoor activities and computer games.

They next day, his dad came to pick up the machine. I wasn’t expecting any money as this was just meant as a hand-me-down from an elder brother to a young brother. But my uncle insisted that I take something and gave me two crisp thousand rupee notes. I silently put those into my shirt pocket.

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  1. Haha. Quite a ride. So glad that the effort you put on selling the PC finally paid off.
    PS Momo treat is still due.

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