4 reasons why you should read the Hunger Games Trilogy

The book series that made me love dystopian novels; Hunger Games is a favourite of many book lovers. While the movie adaptations of these series has become an integral part of today’s pop culture (thanks to the wonderful cast which includes the brilliant Jennifer Lawrence), the books are hugely popular too. If you have not read the books yet considering you have watched the movies and already know the story, you are missing out a lot of fun. 
Here are five reasons as to why you should dive into this series soon.

1. The way the story is told

You will be glued to the books the moment you start reading them. You will be turning pages and pages even before you realise that. Every chapter keeps you on the edge. You will have this constant worry about what will happen next. Collin’s writing style is brilliant and you will have no problem flying through the plot. It is a survival story and there is a lot of violence in it but the way it is depicted in the books is a lot softer than what it is shown in the movies.

2. A strong female lead

Katniss Everdeen is one of the coolest female leads. She is strong and knows how to shoot an arrow. She is also brave. She volunteers to replace her sister Prim as a tribute to the Hunger Games, knowing it very well that she is stepping into death. She never really tries to be the heroine but her simple acts of courage and her decisions to various challenges and obstacles make her almost perfect. She stands a role model to a lot of girls all around the globe.

3. The plot setup

Hunger Games isn’t your everyday wonderland story. It is set in the future after an undisclosed apocalypse and contains a ruling city known as the Capitol which is surrounded by 12 districts. The districts provide the capitol with goods and in return the Capitol demands they protect them. The districts are forced into labour by the Capitol and to stop any kind of rebellion, they organise the annual Hunger Games. Each year, the districts need to send out a male and a female tribute to take part in the games and fight until only one remains alive.

It kind of sounds dark but it isn’t. It is just a story that will wring out your heart.

4. The action

Since it is a kill-and-survive story, it is overflowing with teeth-clattering action. From skilled fighters to excellent camouflage experts, from cloned animals to poisonous fruits --- The Hunger Games has one of the best action sequences you can ever read. The Gamemakers, the people who controls the environment in the Games arena never let it get boring. They keep pushing up the danger level high and squeeze out a lot of heart-stopping action from the participants.

This series will make you wonder about the future, about politics and also in certain ways make you feel good. 

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