Colorful Notions: The RoadTrippers 1.0 by Mohit Goyal | Book Review

I started reading this book right when I came back from a tiring train journey. It was probably not a good idea to pick up a travel book when I had just created my own travel tale. My fresh memories and fictional drama were in for a mental conflict. I couldn’t help but compare one with the other. It might be one of the reasons why it took me a whole month to finish this book – Colorful Notions: The Roadtrippers 1.0. A first for me and I am known to gobble up books in hours.

The plot is about three youngsters and their exciting pan-India road trip. Two boys and a girl drive out on a Ford to all famous parts of the country, all the while documenting their journey on a camera. The scope of the story is evident in the first few pages and teases a exciting journey ahead. The story gets equal portions of drama and humour and adventure.Unfortunately, descriptions about travel rarely found any place in the book --- the one thing it promised and forgot to deliver. 
"Would you give up your high-paying job and comfortable personal life to drive ten thousand kilometers across India? Just for fun!" 
As I read on from a promising first quarter, it didn’t take long for me to realise that this book isn’t exactly about travel. The author, Mohit Goyal uses the road trip idea only as a foundation base and instead concentrates more on personal matters of the characters. This would have been okay, had it been done correctly. But he overdid it. Extreme bollywood-like plot scenes and inconceivable events just ruin the ambience of the whole storyline. And oh! Did I mention that Colorful Notions have no climax whatsoever? Big bummer!

What impresses is the book and page quality, something that isn’t expected on anything that comes out of Srishti Publishers’ shelves. The book is also well edited and is written in simple understandable English. (Also, Hinglish is pleasantly avoided. Thank the gods.) If you love the new contemporary Indian pulp fiction genre, this is a book you should read. Do not dive in expecting a travel story and Colorful Notions might just manage to impress you.

The book is a good attempt by Mohit Goyal. Sir, if you ever read this, please cut the philosophy and over-dramatic scenes from the next books in this series. And maybe put in some actual travel insights into the story. I wish you all the luck. 

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