A Trip I’ll Never Forget

It is a thing for North-Eastern folks now to fly out to the south of India whenever we need serious medical opinions. My family is one of them. In 2014, when dad was having a bad year with his hyperthyroidism, we decided it was time to make a trip down to Chennai. The objective: get dad checked up and discover the South.

In December that year, we started this journey from our hometown Golaghat and travelled 190 km by bus to the nearest airport at Dibrugarh. We flew from Dibrugarh in an Indigo Airlines plane to Kolkata where our connecting flight to Chennai was waiting. In the second plane, we were joined by two other families who had the same objective as us. When we landed on the south soil, we were welcomed at the airport by a lovely Assamese couple who we had only contacted once before. They had arranged everything for us --- cabs, hotel rooms and a doctor’s appointment at Apollo Hospital. They weren’t agents though and didn’t charge us anything. They were good people.

The first two days were spent running around Apollo’s premises. The doctor told us that it would take him around three days to provide a final report and we decided to use that time to travel around. The first thing we visited was Arignar Anna Zoological Park and we had a very good time there. I even touched a brave deer that walked up to humans. We also visited the Chennai State Museum. I loved the rare collections and the history that the museum showed me.

I got chased down by a T-Rex at the museum
Day 4 of our time at Chennai was beach day. We visited two beaches that day – Golden Beach and Marina Beach. Golden Beach was the first one we went to. I was super excited to go near to the sea and feel the salty air as I had never been to a beach before. We also went to the VGP Universal Kingdom Amusement Park that lay adjacent to Golden Beach. After having a great time at the amusement park, we went to Marina Beach. Marina Beach had the longest stretch of sand that I have ever seen and it was filled with people.

We were walking around on the beach when two guys approached us and enquired if we would like to take pictures with a white horse. Mom said ‘Why not?’ and another guy brought in a beautiful white horse near us. They also had a photographer with a big DSLR camera, who offered to take our photos and print them for a minimal charge. I, mom and dad took turns riding onto the horse’s saddle and had our photographs taken.

That's mom. Staring at the white horse
The next day we left for Pondicherry and visited Promenade Beach, the Gandhi Statue and the French War Memorial. I also tasted a lot of south Indian foods and mom did a lot of shopping from local shops. Day 5 was doctor’s day again. We went to Apollo to get dad’s report and the doctor informed us that there was nothing to worry about.

Day 6 was spent entirely on the hotel and the next morning we boarded a train to home. The thing that makes this trip so special is the way we returned. We went there sad and tensed but when we came back --- we were totally happy human beings.

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