Stumbling upon this awesome community called BookTube

Has it ever happened to you on YouTube that you are watching some videos of your interest and before you realise when or how, you are in a totally different corner of YouTube? It happens to me all the time. I would be playing gaming videos and somehow would end up watching an erotic vine clip. It is so irritating.

It is this irritating feature that became a blessing one day. I was watching some loud teenager playing Grand Theft Auto V and laughing at his hilarious commentary when a certain video on the recommended section caught my attention. I immediately clicked on it and from that moment, my YouTube life changed forever. Since my brain is pea-sized, I don’t exactly remember whose video or what video I watched, but it was about a challenge that involved books.

Until then, my YouTube subscriptions were only filled with gaming and comedy channels. For book recommendations or book reviews, I always went to a few trusted book blogs. I really had no idea that there are people on YouTube that make videos about books. That first video took me to other bookish videos and soon my subscription list totally changed up. I came to know that the community of people who makes videos about books is called as BookTube and the video makers are called BookTubers. Within a few weeks of my discovery of this community, I learned that BookTube is a small but growing community of book lovers on YouTube.

If you are wondering about what is so nice about them, I will only advise you to check this community out. It is awesome and filled with lovely people. And the content they have is extremely diverse and entertaining. From Book Hauls to Book Challenges to various bookish tags, they will satisfy the nerd in you. The BookTube community is lively and welcoming. I don’t know how to explain this but to see someone else praise and love a book like the way I did is extremely pleasing to the eye. My favourite kind of videos on BookTube is book reviews and challenges. While it is delighting to watch BookTubers review books, watching them perform challenges is too much fun.

The community is a very place to be in. Any place where book lovers are grouping around will be nice anyway. Also BookTube is the reason that the thought of creating my own content for YouTube came across my mind. The only requirement to be a BookTuber is to read and I can happily do that. I may create my own BookTube Channel soon and I may not. My decision is still pending. But whatever I am in this community, a content creator or just a viewer --- BookTube is home.

I am embeding a video to show you how much fun BookTube is.

Go visit this community on YouTube and who knows, you might fall in love with it. I will write another post where I will introduce my favourite BookTubers to you. So stay tuned.

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