My favourite author wrote the last good book I read

I have never been good in deciding what or whom I like most. When I read Harry Potter for the first time, I decided J.K Rowling would become my all-time favourite author. But then I read Percy Jackson and thought Rick Riordan should be my favourite. Every month, if not every week, my favourite book changes and so does the name of my favourite author.

For the time being, my favourite author is Rainbow Rowell. And I crowned her this spot last month after reading Fangirl and Carry On. About a year ago, she had been my favourite for quite a few months when I read Eleanor and Park but was later dethroned by Robyn Schneider (for his brilliant work on The Beginning of Everything).

I am very fond of Rainbow Rowell’s writing style with the brilliant and heart-smashing endings that each of her books carry. I won’t rant about how good her books are in this post but a quick visit to GoodReads should tell you all about it. It is a shame I haven’t reviewed any of her books here on my blog yet. If you happen to like John Green, you are bound to like my current favourite.

My reading taste is strictly limited inside the Young Adult genre and even though I have books from Harper Lee, Salman Rushdie and Aravind Adiga on my shelves, they are yet to be read. Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist is the farthest stretch that I have gone out from my comfortable genre. Oh! Also Dan Brown’s books featuring Robert Langdon.

The list of authors that I called favourite before Rowell is a long one. All of them are YA authors and are pretty famous. They include the likes of Ernest Cline (Ready Player One), Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games) and many more. Closer home, I can’t name anyone except Durjoy Dutta and Chetan Bhagat. Even though not all of their books are likable, Till the Last Breath of the former and the latter’s Revolution 2020 are commendable works.

Everyone in bold above has been my favourite for a period or two. I understand that I have so many more authors to try out and crown the good ones as favourites, to move out of my genre and explore literacy works, to fall in love with more worlds and swim in the lyrics of excellent books and that my reading universe is very very small. I can’t wait to read more. 

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