India Post ate my Chocolates | Part 2

It is advisable that you read part 1 of the two blog series before continuing with this post. Click here to go to India Post ate my Chocolates - Part 1.

You won’t believe how furious I was with India Post for eating my chocolates and stealing my pen. I imagined punching the responsible person with such force that the impact breaks all of his teeth, making it impossible for him to chew any more chocolates ever again.  

The next morning I went to the local Post Office. It is a small branch and caters to a very little area. I rushed through the entrance and entered into their tiny office. There were five people inside. I recognised one of them as the postman. He saw me and gave me a smile. I ignored him. I approached the nearest desk to the entrance. A middle age man with spectacles was sitting there stamping some files.

I want my Chocolates back,’ I told him loudly. ‘And my pen too,’

He looked up at me and set his files aside. He probably thought I was some mad man.

‘What do you mean?’ He asked.

‘I mean I want my Chocolates and my pen back,’

‘When did I take them?’

‘You stole it before delivering the packet to me,’

‘I did not,’

‘You did,’

He looked puzzled and I certainly looked red. ‘Let’s talk about it in detail. What is your problem?’ 
He sighed and calmly asked.

I told him everything about how I was delivered a package that had been tempered with and sealed back perfectly after stealing its contents.  We talked and argued for almost half an hour. I had obviously left my manners back at home and wasn’t feeling bad about being rude to man elder to me. He or one of his mates ate my chocolates. There was no mercy for that.

He explained to me how somebody during transit could have fiddled with the parcel. According to him, it was probably done while the parcel was in train. He assured me it wasn’t done by anyone in his office. But I didn’t believe him. I was so sure it was one of them or someone in the connecting branches. Thieves in trains don’t carry adhesive tapes with them to repack parcels after taking out its content and if it was actually done in transit they would had taken the whole package.

I insisted that I want to lodge a formal complain. After a bit of persuasion they registered my complaint and told me that they would investigate the case and would let me know if they find something.

Will I get my Chocolates back?’  I asked hopefully.

I don’t think so,’ was the reply.

It’s been month now and I never heard back from them. I stopped using India Post for personal shipments and life has been fantastico since then.

However, I pray that whoever ate my Chocolates shall rot in the deepest dungeons of hell.

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  1. Haha... this is sad & hilarious at the same time :p

    And No, you are not going to get those chocolates back ! B-)