India Post ate my Chocolates | Part 1

I can tolerate it that India Post takes more than a month to deliver a shipment. I can also tolerate it that packages delivered through India Post are almost crushed. I can also tolerate it that India Post ships back my online orders without even trying to deliver them to me. What I cannot tolerate is when India Post fiddles with the contents of my shipment.

That afternoon, the postman came knocking on my door carrying a non-crushed shipment wrapped within a big yellow envelope like thing. I accepted it without any suspicion as it was the first time a shipment in mint condition was delivered to me by that postman. I checked the sender’s information to find out that it was sent by my sister who went to a university a year ago. I was eager to find out what she had sent me.

I quickly tore off the yellow packaging paper and slid out a Cadbury Celebrations chocolate pack with a letter attached to it. I kept the chocolate aside and picked up the letter to read it.

my dear Bro
I wish you all the best for your coming examination. Make us proud. Study hard and rock your papers. My best wishes are always with you.
Your Sister. ;)

A smile automatically found its way to my face. ‘That is so nice of you sister,’ I thought. ‘But what is the matter with the wink at the end?’ I wondered if she was up to something evil.

I folded the letter and put it inside one of my notebooks. I glanced at the chocolate pack. I didn’t realise it until I was about to open the pack that it was already opened. I slid out the tray from inside the packet and whoa! It was almost empty. Of the eight compartments in the tray, five were empty. A 5star and two Perk chocolates occupied the remaining three.

I understood what the wink was for. I thought about it. The evil sister of mine bought chocolates for me and she couldn’t probably resist eating one. So she must had gobbled up a few and send me of what remained. My peppy sister could easily do it. It was so my sister.

When my parents returned from their jobs that evening, I complained to them how Sister sent me thirty rupees of chocolates by paying hundred rupees of postal charges. I told them she was a stupid and they agreed. 'Yes, she is stupid,' they said. That felt like music to me. 

It was later that night when she texted me that I realised on whose stomach my chocolates were.

Sister: No thank you haa? :’(

Me: Thank you for what?

Sister: The chocolates and the pen. Mom told me you received the parcel.

Me: You mean the almost empty packet of Celebrations. And what! What pen?

Sister: haa?

When I didn’t reply after that, she called me on the phone and told me that she had sent a new intact packet of the chocolate and a Parker pen. I made her swear on the name of God twice before believing her. And then it all occurred to me --- the son of a devil India Post ate my chocolates and stole my pen. 

Picture Proof

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