Do you listen to music while reading?

There are almost as much of a variety of readers as there are varieties of books. From reading tastes to reading styles, every reader is unique on their own. While there are a lot of reading habits to discuss, I shall only talk about one in this post. Are you the kind who prefers to listen to music as you read or you are the one who needs complete insulation from your surrounding when you pick up a book? Tell me in the comments.

I personally do not prefer to listen to music if I am reading a book. It is too distracting for me. I will just end up singing the lyrics instead of keeping my concentration on the book. I have tried reading with headphones plugged into my ears quite a few times, experimenting with different kinds of music but none seems to work with me. My concentration always ends up getting deviated. The only kind of music that isn’t too distracting to the reader in me is the soft instrumental kind with no lyrics in it. But surprisingly I can concentrate on a book without any problem even on a loud and busy surrounding. It is a bit weird because music is my enemy while I am reading but ambient noises do not bother me.

I chatted with a bookish friend of mine who belongs to the other kind of people. She keeps her headphones plugged in when she reads and I told her to explain why prefer that. She told me – ‘I have always been listening to music while reading. Now, it is almost a habit. I find music supportive to my reading. Music creates that atmosphere to me where I can comfortably get myself drowned in a book. Also it separates me from all the noises in my surroundings. I can give all my attention to the book if there is music.’

‘What kind of music do you listen to?’ I asked her.

‘Anything,’ she replied. ‘But mostly slow music. I try not to select the playlist with the catchiest songs in it. I listen to the kind of music that helps to concentrate, not the kind that disturbs it.’

The way I get it, music affects the pace of reading. I am a very fast reader and likes to finish a book in one go. I think I cannot listen to music when I read because of my pace. I need my whole concentration on the plot to keep reading at my comfortable speed and music can only be an obstacle to it. But my friend is slow compared to me. She reads little by little and sometimes it even takes her a week to finish a book. While it will be wrong to say that her habit of listening to music is the reason of her slow pace, I am sure it is definitely one of them.

Also before I end, I want to say that it doesn’t matter if you prefer to listen to music while reading or you don’t or you are a fast paced reader or a slow one, what matters is that you read.

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