6 simple ideas to turn your good mornings into gold mornings

It is no secret that whatever happens in the morning sets the mood for the rest of the day. Hence it is advisory to keep your mornings at the best and keep them gold. Below are six quick and easy tips that if you oath to follow will rise your mornings to the golden standard –

1. Improve the night before

Make sure to complete all the required works of the day before the night ends. Keeping them for the next day will only rush up your mornings. The level of stress on your mornings is directly proportional to the number of works that you left unfinished the previous night. Also don’t stay up too late. Thank the Gods and sleep comfortably.

2. Get out of bed on time

Sunrise is a delightful scene to watch. Waking up before the sun is suggested by many but if you are a lazy worm, waking up with the sun is also fine. The trick is to not wake up too early or too late. Time your alarms correctly and in such a way that you don’t have to rush to catch your bus.

3. Wake up to the people you love

This absolutely works. You can count on my words. I just came back home a few days ago and believe me, waking up to see your family safe and sound will make your day. There is this magic in seeing the faces of your loved ones as soon as you start your day.

4. Get super fresh

Splashing your body with water and scratching your teeth with plastic doesn’t make you fresh. Give these morning routines a bit of more attention. Use toothpaste that have freshening ingredients in it and get a good brush. Since we are talking about Gold mornings here, I suggest you pick up the gold standard of brush --- Colgate’s 360° Charcoal Gold

Also don’t forget to take a bath. Clean yourself well.

5. Eat well

It is never a good idea to skip breakfast. Always eat healthy in the mornings. Take some hot beverage, tea or coffee, which ever you prefer. Also adding fresh fruits to your plate will boost your energy and health. Eat like a king.

That cup is gold too! 

6. Stay positive

Even if you know you will have a tiring day ahead, try to start it with optimism and positivity. A mere good mood can turn your mornings into gold. Do not put much stress on yourself in the mornings and stay as light-headed as possible.

And now keep calm and enjoy your gold mornings. 


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