Towards a city

After a five hour long bus journey, I stepped my feet for the first time in the gravel of this city. The air, I realized, wasn't as pure as it was back in my tiny little hometown. But I couldn’t care more about that, I was gawking at the tall buildings. The bus had dropped me directly in front of the residential site where I was going to stay. I started walking nervously towards my building which was also very tall. I was still in amazement, the first obvious feeling every small town boy would feel.

That was five months ago when I shifted to Guwahati. A city that within such a small span of time shaped up a lot of my dreams, a city that has given me new ambitions, a city I have started to love.  It is for this love that I have decided to document my life in this city in a new weekly feature called #CityDiaries. The first post should be up and live this week. This current post is all about the city, just to give you an image of Guwahati.  

Being the gateway into the whole north-eastern part of India, Guwahati is the most developed and busiest city in this side of our country. Rising up on the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra River, Guwahati is one of the fastest developing cities in India. The urban part of this city has always been growing – with newer and popular city corridors developing up every year. All this new corridors are expanding equally in all directions from the core which makes the city proportional and thus maintains its design. From what I have seen, the busiest places in Guwahati are Paltan Bazaar, Fancy Bazaar and Pan Bazaar. These three makes the central core of the urban city. Though other areas like Ganeshguri and Chandmari also remain crowded. Popular destinations around the city like the Kamakhya Mandir, Kolakhetro (museum), Accoland, Umananda island spice up the design of Guwahati.

The Saraighat Bridge. Photos by Utpal Deka.

The city is widely connected to not only every other states in the northeast but to the rest of the India too. The intra-city connections are also fairly good. A few flyovers have been built up in the years and they have contributed largely towards maintaining the ever growing traffic of this city. It should be also noted that a few connecting roads are still narrow and ill-maintained. If you ever have to ride to Chandmari from Bhangagarh via the Rajgarh link, you might end up experiencing the bumpiest ride of your life. But all parts of the city are very properly connected. With buses (popularly known as city bus) operated by private sectors and the Assam State Transport Corporation always prowling around the city, you should be least worried about being stranded. This summer, ASTC also introduced AC buses into Guwahati, which are extremely awesome. Trust me. Also autos and cabs too are available all around.

The people of the city are always in a drive towards developing. I must say, this city do not host the friendliest of humans. But everybody has this unique collectiveness, that props up whenever there is the need. Guwahati is home to a vast variety of culture with all kinds of people from different backgrounds making their living here. This city demands a fast paced life and therefore people are generally busy here, always doing a thing or another. But that is what adds to the City Life. You don’t stop here, you can’t – you just keeping moving forward.  

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