Kapil Dev, his twitter entry and the #EkNayiLeague

Last night I logged into Twitter to find a feed full of tweets that welcomed the great Kapil Dev (@therealkapildev) into the social network. From the Prime Minister of India to other common twitter accounts, everybody warmly welcomed Kapil Dev. The man, once the captain of the Indian cricket team had won the World Cup for our country and he definitely deserved such a grand welcome.

With Kapil Dev's entry into the social network, India saw a new trending topic in the Twitter trends. No, it surprisingly wasn't #WelcomeKapil, but instead was #EkNayiLeague. It didn't take people much time to conclude that Kapil Dev joined Twitter to promote this Nayi League. The promotions, till now, are a bunch of videos that stars Kapil challenging various celebrities like Dhoni, Sania Mirza and the comedy-king Kapil Sharma about how they will lose if they play this league from their heart.

At this moment, #EkNayiLeague is nothing but a big confusing mystery. The teaser videos doesn't reveal anything and nor are any information available elsewhere. Even though Kapil Dev and the word 'League' are associated with Cricket, I doubt it that EkNayiLeague will be associated with Cricket. The inclusion of a tennis player's and a comedian's names in the teaser videos suggest that EkNayiLeague will not be a cricket tournament. But the fact that EkNayiLeague will not be something related to cricket further makes it more confusing. If it isn't about cricket, then what is it about?

My tiny brain is too confused about this league. Talking of brains, I think that this event has something to do with brains. On the promotion's header image above, Kapil Dev is seen pointing towards his head and the common line in all the videos --- 'If you use your heart, you will lose,' indicates to some kind of game that will need extensive use of brains. It will not be a quiz show or anything like that but it will definitely use some heads.

So till now, I am sure of two things about the EkNayiLeague. It isn't about cricket and it will involve big celebrities. What I hope this league should be about is --- a social drive for a good cause. Celebs have money, they have inspiring stories, they have the power to lead and I hope that Kapil Dev will use the EkNayiLeague to churn out those things from leading celebrities and provide the general people a new kind of light or entertainment or work some magic to make this world a better place.

The EkNayiLeague mystery is scheduled to be revealed on 7th May. Until then, we can do nothing but speculate things. This event is getting a lot of positive response and is already a success.

Visit www.eknayileague.com to stay updated about the league. 

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