World's Best Boyfriend by Durjoy Dutta - Book Review

World's Best Boyfriend, the latest offering from the best-selling author Durjoy Dutta landed at my door yesterday and within six hours from when I opened the parcel, I was done with the book. The book wasn't orgasmic but wasn't dull too. 

Dutta, who is accused of writing steamy sex scenes in his books and has a healthy bunch of girls going gaga over his dimples, is one of the writers who some years back made me a book-addict. It is because of this history that I quickly pre-ordered his book as soon as the links were live. And it was also promised that all pre-ordered books will be author-signed. 

My expectations with the book was high. After I read his book titled 'Till the last breath', I knew it that Durjoy Dutta can write mind-blasting stories. His last book (When only love remains) was a disappointment to me and many; and I hoped that he would come back strong with World's Best Boyfriend. So did he meet my expectations? Let's find out.

As soon as I turned the cover page open, I understood that the author-signed-copies-thing was just a clever marketing scheme. There on the 2nd page of the book were two letters --- "Dr" and that's all. I am calling it a marketing scheme because I won a copy of his book a year back and I know what his signature looks like.

The story of World's Best Boyfriend is about the chemistry between Dhruv and Aranya. Both of them are outcasts. People avoids Aranya because she has Vitiligo, which is a chronic disease that creates white patches on the victim's skin and Dhruv avoids people because he don't like them asking questions about his divorced parents. These two always seems to be in search of ways to destroy and humiliate each other. The reason of this hate is an incident that happened when their twelve year old selves were in love. Pages over pages, it is revenge and attack scenes between the two, only to fall for each other again.

I never felt the story lagging anywhere and it never turned boring. The book has the typical Durjoy Dutta taste, which translates into long scenes, impressive dialogues, the great Indian swears and ... yes, sex. There is no doubt that a lot of young people will like this book, just the way I did. If you are in search of a book that is quick to read and don't have Shakespearean style dialogues, you should get a copy.

The characters, although sympathetic, aren't relatable at all. I ended up hating both the lead characters. I believe, it is a big risk to create protagonists that readers will have to hate. The only person I liked in the book was Dhruv's not-friend, Sanchit. He was the only fun thing in the book and the only person who appeared real.

The plot have a few moments when I was totally confused. For example, Aranya's brother Sameer was too dumb for a seventeen year old. Or the fact that Aranya does a sex chat over Skype with a boy named 'Sameer'. Can't you use a different name, Durjoy? There are other such confusing scenes too, which I cannot reveal without spoiling it to those people who haven't yet read the book.

Despite a lot of things that I didn't like about World's Best Boyfriend, I still will say that it was an enjoyable read. And you should try it out too. You wouldn't notice most of the drawbacks that I did, if you read it just normally. I review books and therefore my brains accept books in a different way. For the general readers out there, this book will please you as much as Durjoy Dutta's other books did. Okay! Not as much as 'Till the last Breath'.

World's Best Boyfriend squeezes out a score of 7/10 from me and a statement that 'It is a quick and simple fun read that will entertain many'. 

Buy the book here: Amazon India.

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  1. Sounds like a positive recommendation from you.

  2. It's a nice an honest review from your side, pointing out the pros and cons. :-)

    But, frankly speaking, I don't like much reading DD.... :-P

    1. Thank you. :)

      :-P haha.. I don't like most of his books too. I just keep reading his new books hoping he has improved. And there ain't much choice when I search for good books from Indian contemporary authors. :)

  3. Normally, people are not as open as you are while writing a review. Penning strong protagonists is a challenge. Haven't read any of his books and that marketing strategy is not good.

    Disclaimer is killer and I will click it . :)

    1. Thank you :).
      Yeah, cheating his readers is the last thing an author should do.

      Haha! I should expect a commission then. ;-)

  4. 'These are the affiliate links that no one ever clicks..'