The Gang

This post continues my story about optimism which started with the 'Everything will be all right' post.

When the jewel of my eyes left for Rajasthan, I was initially very depressed. But then she managed to soothe me and made me believe that the physical distance between us wouldn't affect our relationship.

The optimistic hope that her love and her words gave me unfortunately wasn't enough to make me feel good. It did relieved me from a big amount of pain, but somehow it couldn't suppress the fear of losing my girl. This was when the gang came to my rescue.

After getting the last goodbye from my girl, I returned home to find two of my friends waiting for me. They announced that they were taking me to a party. I bluntly expressed my displeasure and told that them I wasn't in a mood to party. They knew it well about what I was going through and yet they were thinking of partying, I was surprised.

I do not remember how, but they managed to convince me to go with them and within a hour we were standing near a chaat stall. They were gobbling up plates of food while I didn't eat anything.

'What's the matter buddy?' Bikash asked me when he saw that I wasn't eating anything.

'You know what it is,' I angrily told him. 'Don't act like you don't know anything,'

'Man!,' Sagar, my other friend mumbled with a mouth filled with pakoras. 'Are you sad because your girlfriend moved to another town?'

I didn't reply. I was clearly doubting our friendship.

'If it were me in your place,' Bikash spoke. 'I would have welcomed this freedom with open hands.'

'And I would have already started collecting other girls' phone numbers,' Sagar, the moron, added.

Now, I was really angry with them. And I think they could sense the anger building up in me. Because Sagar immediately said, 'Hey, we are kidding Jay,'

'I don't know what you are feeling right now but I know one thing that nothing in the world can separate you from your girl,' Bikash said. 'I have seen your love story from the beginning buddy and I can guarantee that it is meant to last forever.'

I let my anger go down. Bikash was good with his words and he knew how to use it well.

'You love her?' Sagar asked.

'Yes,' I replied.

'She loves you?'


'Then...' Sagar paused to scratch his chin and then said. 'Then there is no problem. If there is true love, there is marriage.' And he cracked up. Somehow his words seemed funny to him and he started laughing. When he saw that neither me nor Bikash found it funny, he shut up.

Bikash came near me and rested his right arm on my shoulder and spoke, 'Buddy! Don't worry so much. Everything will be all right. And if something ever goes wrong we are here with you. If you miss her too much, tell us. We will just hijack a train and reach Rajasthan. It is not that far away.'
I smiled and pushed off his arm away. It was too heavy. His words made me feel good. It was another hope that my relation would last because I had real friends to support me.

The day that I initially thought would be the worst one of my life was changing into one of the most memorable days of my life. Although my girl left, she did it only after making a promise of forever. And now my friends were backing me up which made that promise a lot stronger and optimistic.

Sagar finished his plate and after burping twice, turned towards me and with a smirk in his face told me these awesome words. I would choose not to translate those words to English and allow it to completely original.

He said. 'Tu bas bolke dekh dost, zarurat pare to utha ke leke aaunga teri ladki ko Rajasthan se,'

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