Love Story by Erich Segal - Book review

Erich Segal’s Love Story was first published in 1970 and today, after four and a half decades later, this book is still selling like hot cakes. This evergreen international bestseller is even called the benchmark of love stories by many. So what is in the book that makes it so popular? If you haven’t read it, should you? Let’s find it out.

When I received my copy of Love Story, I was surprised with the size of the book. It is tiny — tiny in comparison to the 70s classics. And the font inside was also big. I instantly knew that the story is very short. It took me less than five hours to reach the last page of the book. I sailed through the book smoothly, but it is in the end, after I was done with the book that a slight disappointment hit my brain. I so wish that the book was a bit longer.

Love Story’s plot is about the relationship between a rich Harvard jock, Oliver Barrett IV and a beautiful, music-loving, wise Jenny Cavilleri. The story might have been unique once, but for me, a new generation’s brat, it was just one of those other books where opposites fall for each other and have fun and face a few problems and have a happy or tragic ending. But I still liked the book, my eyes were a bit wet at the end and I will still recommend people to read this book.

The plot may not be unique, but it is Erich Segal’s writing style which makes this book a wonderful read. The scenes are kept short and direct. Each sentence and dialogue is crafted beautifully and the whole story is a pleasure to read. The best thing, you don’t need a dictionary to read this one. This is an easy, quick and heart-touching tale.

Love Story steals a score of 4/5 from me. This is a book which emphasize the significance of love and tells us what is feels like to be in love. It will make youo feel more responsible towards your loved ones and hopefully, ignite more love.

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