Time for a bucket list

One absolute truth about everyone is that we live our life on the rules laid by the society. Most of us don't even notice it but if we wish to do, it is very clear that all of us live the same kind of life, that all of us follows the same norms of the society.

Getting very good marks in school -- then getting a high salaried job before touching 30 -- then settling into a marriage -- then having kids -- then guiding the kids to take the same life as us -- and then die. Is this life?

I am sure that more than seventy percent of the world population calls the above thing life. And the rest of the thirty percent? Well, these are the brave guys. These people break away from the general rules of the society and they make sure that the little amount of time they have on earth is the most rocking time ever.

At this moment, I cannot comment on which percent of people I fall into. Being brave has its risk and restrictions. So I am not entirely sure if I want to jump into the brave wagon just yet. But then I have a bucket list for that upcoming time when I will have no constraints or strings on me. When I don't have to worry about anything, when I will have a guarantee of happiness, when I will be brave.

1. To get locked up in my own library

I love books! I love books! Oh yeah! I love books! I wish I had the energy, money and time to read all of good books ever published. This wish is the number one in my bucket list. While I am aware of this fact that this wish can never completely turn into reality but if I get to read even a quarter of all the books and make a library of them in my home, I will be in cloud nine.

2. To do a round-the-world trip

Books and traveling are related. Both of them fulfills the desire of exploration. And I have a deep desire to explore this world. Someday I want to walk out of my home and get on the road. I want to fly out like a free bird. I want to experience each and every place in earth, from the Sahara to even Antarctica. I want to go nomad.

3. To be surrounded with the coolest gadgets

The ever developing tech industry has always been an area of wonder for me. I like to keep up with the latest advancements of technology. Reading tech blogs is the first thing I do everytime I switch on my mobile's data connection. I want to own and play with all the cool gadgets available. Like now, I want to buy and own Microsoft's hololens, a quadcopter and an alienware laptop. Only if I had the money to get them all!

4. To be the boss of my own company

Yes. I want to be an entrepreneur. Not just any entrepreneur but one of India's youngest entrepreneur. I am eighteen now and I think if I act quick I can achieve that title. But yes, it is also known to me that creating a company is no easy job. Capital investments, market research, convincing my parents -- it is a lot of hard work. But I want to do it someday. Or rather I will do it someday.

5. To make my family the happiest.

They will not be too happy if I go around completeting my above four wishes. They will want me to work instead of reading fictional books, they will want me to be safe inside our home rather than being in the open world, they willn't want me to waste my money on funky gadgets and they will want to be a doctor instead of an entrepreneur.

I want them to understand me and I want them to be happy with what I do. I will have to make them befikar umar bhar before doing anything else. I have to tell them that I can be Brave.

This bucket list was created with the encouragement of IDBI Federal

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